As early as 1896, the “Club Deutscher Geflügelhalter“ (German Poultry Breeders‘ Club) was formed. This was the birth of the poultry industry’s own professional association. During the 1950s the club was renamed and became the “Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsgeflügelzüchter“ (VDW). 

On 4 April 1967 the constituent meeting of the present-day ZDG was held, with the aim of streamlining organisation, financial management and specialist know-how across the entire German poultry industry. With the transformation of the VDW into the ZDG, the association took on responsibility for fostering close ties between and unifying the affiliated national and regional associations within the poultry sector, and ensuring cross-functional and inter-company collaboration. This aim was fulfilled with the reorganisation of the ZDG in 1993. 

As an umbrella organisation, the ZDG represents the interests of the German poultry industry at the national and European Union levels in respect of political and government as well as profession-related organisations, the public and overseas countries. The ZDG has achieved recognition as the sole representative of the German poultry industry across all sectors and enterprise sizes.

The official mouthpiece of the Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V. (ZDG) is the magazine for the poultry industry and the pig rearing sector.

When the ZMP stopped reporting, the publisher, Ulmer Verlag, took the initiative and established a service division in order to fill the gap and continue reporting on the egg and poultry sectors.