Deutscher Bauernverband

The policies of the German Farmers Association are determined by the elected farmers‘ representatives. The German Farmers Association represents approx. 560 000 farmers and their families in Germany. It influences state actions in the areas of agrarian, economic, legal, taxation, welfare, educational and social policy. It advises members on questions of enterprise management, legal issues and taxation. 

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As the leading German labelling organisation, Orgainvent offers quality assurance systems for poultry, beef and pork meat. Orgainvent is active as a coordinator in poultry labelling for poultry businesses, as part of the QS system. 

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Deutscher Raiffeisenverband

The Deutsche Raiffeisenverband is an umbrella organisation which represents the interests of German agrarian and food industry enterprises which are organised as cooperatives. 

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The goal of the International Poultry Council (IPC) is to keep role payers in the international poultry industry worldwide informed about issues such as trade and science, and to promote an exchange between members. 

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The international union of stakeholders in the egg industry under the International Egg Commission (IEC) was initiated in order to establish and promote an exchange within the egg industry. 

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a.v.e.c. (association de l´aviculture de l´industrie et du commerce de volaille dans les pays de l´EU – the association of poultry slaughterers and traders of the European Union) was founded in 1966, with the aim of uniform representation of the interests of the European poultry industry. The present members include the national organisations of poultry slaughterers and marketers of the EU member states. 

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QS is the world’s largest testing system for fresh food products. It tests and integrates all role players in food product production across the production chain, with the aim of increased food safety and consumer confidence. 

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Training initiative: Tierwirt Geflügel

There is extensive information about the career of a qualified animal husbandryman in the poultry sector (such as the requirements, responsibilities and perspectives) on the website of the training initiative: qualified husbandry man - poultry. 

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German Livestock e.V. was founded with the aim of supporting the interests of German animal husbandry, in particular in regard to export. German Livestock is a member of the German Export Association for Food and Agriproducts (GEFA). 

German Livestock also promotes contact between livestock exporters in Germany and in other countries. 

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The official mouthpiece of the Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V. (ZDG) is the magazine for the poultry industry and the pig rearing sector.

When the ZMP stopped reporting, the publisher, Ulmer Verlag, took the initiative and established a service division in order to fill the gap and continue reporting on the egg and poultry sectors.