Bundesverband bäuerlicher Hähnchenerzeuger

Bundesverband bäuerlicher Hähnchenerzeuger e.V.

Agricultural enterprises at all levels of the production chain of German chicken meat products - hatcheries, fatteners and marketers – are organised under the Bundesverband bäuerlicher Hähnchenerzeuger e.V. (Association of German Chicken Producers, BVH). The objective of the association is the coordination of information about chicken production, to competently inform all stakeholders and government authorities and institutions, and thus make the German chicken industry competitive at the international level. 

The BVH has a membership of around 1,000, and thus 95% of the German chicken industry is organised under it.

Bundesverband bäuerlicher Hähnchenerzeuger e.V.
Claire-Waldoff-Straße 7
10117 Berlin
Fon +49  30 / 28 88 31-10
Fax +49  30 / 28 88 31-50
E-Mail: bvh@zdg-online.de 

President: Rainer Wendt

Vice-President: Hermann Albers
Managing Director: Dr. Thomas Janning 

Honorary President: Cord H. zum Felde 

Information for consumers: www.deutsches-gefluegel.de

The official mouthpiece of the Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V. (ZDG) is the magazine for the poultry industry and the pig rearing sector.

When the ZMP stopped reporting, the publisher, Ulmer Verlag, took the initiative and established a service division in order to fill the gap and continue reporting on the egg and poultry sectors.