Bundesverband der Geflügelschlachtereien

Bundesverband der Geflügelschlachtereien e.V.

The Bundesverband der Geflügelschlachterverein e.V. (Association of Poultry Slaughterers, BVG) is tasked with pursuing, promoting and protecting the mutual interests of member enterprises, in particular with representing them in respect of authorities and other institutions, as well
as advising member enterprises on all profession-related matters and economic-political and technical questions. 

With around 60 members at present, 95% of the German enterprises in the slaughtering, jointing and marketing sectors of the German poultry industry are organised under the BVG..

Bundesverband der Geflügelschlachtereien e.V.
Claire-Waldoff-Straße 7
10117 Berlin
Fon +49  30 / 28 88 31-10
Fax +49  30 / 28 88 31-50
E-Mail: bvg@zdg-online.de

President: Gerhard Wagner 

Vice-President: Bernd Kalvelage
Managing Director: Dr. Thomas Janning

The official mouthpiece of the Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V. (ZDG) is the magazine for the poultry industry and the pig rearing sector.

When the ZMP stopped reporting, the publisher, Ulmer Verlag, took the initiative and established a service division in order to fill the gap and continue reporting on the egg and poultry sectors.